An Interview with Sam Coppolino

May 1, 2018

Meet Sam Coppolino, aka. Producer Sam on the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and now honorary Coco Rave Babe. You’ve probably heard her coming through your speakers early in the morning, but we sat down with Sam and got to know her a little better. Keep reading to find out her must have beach essentials and what she loves most about her job.

Coco Rave, Sam Coppolino, Z100

How did you get into radio producing?

I was originally going into print journalism but realized I had a passion for entertaining people. Morning radio felt like a good blend as it’s informational and entertaining, especially at Z100.

What’s your typical day to day like at Z100?

I’m in my chair at 5:30 in the morning and I start going through the bits that they’re (the morning show hosts) are going to use throughout the day. From phone taps and commercials to producing hits to use the days we’re not in the office. In addition, I now have two of my own bits – feel-goods, a charity segment and what’s trending? where I feature different products. I also leave myself about 10 minutes to freak out over respective celebrity guest of the day.

After the show wraps at 10-ish, I do various audio work and interview production and I leave the office between 1-2pm.


What do you love about Elvis Duran and the Morning Show?

I’m lucky because I’m basically living my dream – Elvis Duran is an incredible way to keep people informed in an entertaining way.

Who’s your favorite celebrity that you’ve met?

Michael Buble. He was really cool and he brought doughnuts.


In addition to your job at Z100, you also run an Acquired Taste podcast – how did you get started with that?

We (Bethany- former co-host on Elvis Duran, Kathleen – aka. Web Girl Kathleen and Sam) would have these conversations in the studio that we thought we should just start recording them. The three of us are very different personas but we have similar outlooks on important topics – we come together to speak to all versions of weirdos.


How do you choose your topics for the podcast?

We like to make sure we keep a balance whether its picking a topic from a listener to give advice on or if one of us is going through something personal and decide we need to let off some steam or if we just have a topic that we all agree to delve into.

Describe yourself in three words.

Caffeinated, Optimistic, Stubborn


Why do you love Coco Rave?

I love Coco Rave for the sizing, it’s perfect – it’s the first time I haven’t had to return a bathing suit!

What’s your favorite Coco Rave style?

The Pamela – it has a high cut legline that elongates my legs which I love!


What are the top 3 things you can’t go to the beach without?

Giant hat, pair of sunglasses that complement the swimsuit, something to read

Where do you see yourself in the future?

Entertaining people but in a significant way. I have to entertain people, I just need to be doing that.


Sam picked her favorite suits from our new collection – check them out here! Are you interested in hearing about how Sam really felt being a model for us? Check out her blog post here!