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Halloween Hacks: How to Use Swimwear to Create an Unforgettable Costume!

October 8, 2015

Have you thought about who you want to be for Halloween?

The best Halloween costumes are creative and fun. They can also make you feel beautiful and sexy. For a costume that has all of these qualities, why not consider using well-fitted, gorgeous swimwear? Bra-sized swimwear that’s tailored to your body can become the foundation for an unforgettable costume. We’ve come up with a few examples to make this Halloween one to remember!
Sports and Dance
Swimwear works well for a variety of costumes involving dance and athletic activities. Dress up as a belly dancer with flare pants and a lacy bikini top. Accessorize by adding scarves or veils, finger cymbals, an anklet, and an arm cuff. Another option is a flirty roller skater costume; throw on some retro skates and cruise along in a cute skirt paired with a tankini or bikini top. Pair our beautifully designed rash guard with board shorts, sport some sunnies, and carry a surfboard and embody a cute surfer girl for the night! 

Mythical Figures

Transform into a mermaid or a sea nymph! A ruffled skirt and a bra-sized swimsuit top can serve as the foundation for the costume. Add seashell jewelry, throw a starfish in your hair, apply turquoise and glitter makeup, and you’re a vision of mermaid perfection.

Mermaid Bathing Suit Costume Idea

Blast from the Past

Why not dip into the past for inspiration? Our Glamorous Pin-up Girl might model a gorgeous one-piece suit designed with polka dots. Pick out eye-popping heels, choose a vintage hairstyle, and combine the swimsuit with a high-waisted pair of shorts or skirt. Be sure not to limit yourself to one-piece swimsuits; our tankinis or bikini sets can also work for these iconic looks!

Retro Pinup Swimsuit Costume Idea




Our Love Lace Edge mini dress can be used multiple ways. You can throw it on over your bathing suit for a day at the pool or you can use it as the base to your Haute Hippie Halloween costume. Complete your look with tinted sunglasses, a flower crown, and a vintage belt.


Boho Hippie Swimwear Costume Idea


All Black Everything

Use our black swimdress as a base for your seductive kitty cat costume. Follow this amazing makeup tutorial for a sexy cat look! Add a glittering cat ear headband, a long tail, and black gloves to complete the look! For a look that’s far from basic, use the same foundation but shake up your makeup. This tutorial can help turn you into an alluring leopard.

Black Cat Swimwear Costume Idea

Our black suits are so versatile, with the right accessories you can turn into a sultry superhero, an evil Maleficent, or a spooky vampire for the evening!

Pair our Groovy Bandeau Swimdress  with a pointy witch hat, a handmade broomstick, and a villainous laugh for our Wicked Witch of the Rave costume.

Witch Swimwear Halloween Costume Idea


Be sure to explore the swimwear collections at Coco Rave. You’ll find a variety of bra-sized swimwear that can enhance your beauty and reflect your personal style. Not only will you look beautiful on the beach, but you could create an inventive and unique Halloween look!


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