DIY Beach Cuffs

August 7, 2015

Boho Cuffs_BannerSpare jewelry laying around? Broken chains, necklaces or bracelets? Make yourself some beach cuffs to add some boho fashion.

Pic layout

I used felt as a base. I measured around my ankle and cut a rectangle to size. Then in the middle, cut out a small semi circle so that the cuff doesn’t buckle or dig into your skin. I used an old belt full of beads and seashells, found an old pearl necklace and ribbon. I added layers of ribbon and the beads on string. Either sew it on or apply hot glue to secure it to the cuff. Punch a few holes to lace up the back and thread through like laces.

Pic layout2


Decorate any which way you like, Maybe you feel more crafty to make bracelet cuffs? Have fun and share what you made! #cocorave

Boho Cuffs_8


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