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Bikini, Strings and Macrame

April 9, 2015

String Bikini Macrame


Simple, sexy and perfect for anyone, string bikinis are a must-have for summer. With the new addition of strings to Coco Rave collections, there’s no better time than now to show how to have fun with them. Remember friendship bracelets? Well, Macrame is the same concept. Here we will show you a box knot. There are so many other kinds of knots and designs you can make. A search on Pinterest will give you many ideas.

You can follow the video.

If you get stuck, here is the breakdown:

You can reuse old bikini strings or any strip of fabric/ribbon you like. Do it with a friend, or if you want to do it at home by yourself and play around, I suggest you measure it on yourself first and double the knot to ensure the top is the right length and the slip it off your neck. From here, you can place it on a flat workable surface to keep the strings from getting tangled.

Taking the extra string, loop around the neck and make sure the strands are equal length. Divide the extra string to the right & left outside, leaving the 2 strings of the actual bikini in the middle. Start with a simple knot around one of the strings to start the box knot. Depending which side you knot to, you are going to loop the extra string across the top of all the strings.. *HINT: Look for the top knot to decide which side you loop. Take that strand and bring it across the top of all the strings and bring the outermost strand on top to finish a figure 4. Reach through the loop of the 4, under the middle strands for the opposite side. Bring the strand through and pull the outermost strands gently, adjusting the middle strands when needed, to bring into a clean box knot.

Now notice that the knot on top will have switched sides. Loop the opposite side a figure 4 (when the knot is on the left side, it’s the number 4/when the knot is on the right side, it’s a backwards 4.) Bring the opposite outermost strand on top. Reach through the hole and bring that strand underneath the middle strings and through the figure 4.

If you continue to only make the figure 4 to one side, the box knots will start to twist, like the Chinese Staircase knot (another option for macrame!). So remember to alternate the sides. Braid all the way down and a simple knot will tie it off. Then tie the middle strings to the bottom strings. Adjust and expand the box knot to give more open space, or cinch the string and get a nice tight weave.

Here is a picture so you can see how the strings are arranged. The middle green strings are the actual bikini top. The pink & teal strings represent the extra strings (right side & left) that you do all the work with.

How to start the Box Knot Macrame

How to start the Box Knot Macrame


Rave String Bikinis are only $15 a piece, which means you can mix & match to flaunt your own fashion sense.


String Bikinis


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