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DIY: Braided Headband

December 5, 2014

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DIY: Braided Headband

Materials: Ribbons, Suede Lace, Beads/Charms, Tape, Scissors, Ruler

Start off with a yard of each ribbon you want to use. With this tutorial, I chose to have a thin delicate braid, but you can combine and create a thicker headpiece.

Combine all the pieces and tie a simple knot about 10” from one end. Now measure the circumference around your head where you want it to sit and take note – mine was about 22” long. When you’re finished braiding, you want to measure it around your head again and make sure the length is shorter than the measurement if you want loose ends.

Tape the loose end down to a sturdy surface and separate your strands and start braiding. Have the beads and any other charms you want to add ready. Thread your charms onto the strands as you braid.

Remember that the knot is toward the back of the head, so anything you want in the front forehead, wait till you are more towards the middle. You can keep the ruler by the side as your braid if you wanted to place the charms more strategically.

Once you reach your desired length you will want to stop and tie another knot to secure the braid. Fold in half and cut off any excess length. Tie around your head and show it off! There are many ways to tie the headband. You can make a simple double knot, or a cute bow. Make one for each of your favorite outfits and with your friends.

Remember, there is no one way to this project, so get creative!

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