Trying swimsuits isn’t fun

April 15, 2014

Yesterday we came across this post on Buzzfeed about the struggles of trying swimsuits on. It’s something I know I’ve struggled with, and I’m sure many of you can relate to the initial feeling of excitement that eventually turns into a feeling of despair.

BuzzFeed - 72 Thoughts While Trying on Swimsuits

Although the BuzzFeed article presents it in an amusing way (I laughed and then sent it to at least three other people), swimwear fit is a huge issue that almost all of us face each summer.┬áLuckily, we’ve found a way to avoid all the struggle and turn our swimwear search back into the fun, exciting event it should be!

Our Perfection Fit Bra-sized swimwear allows you to have a custom fit, helping all of us girls who don’t fit into typical S-XL sizing. By choosing a Perfection Fit suit, you’re tailoring to your body size and shape – very few of us can actually fit into the same size top and bottom, and need a little more of a custom fit, without a “custom swimsuit” price tag.


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