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Workout Wednesday: Spring Break Abs

March 5, 2014

Spring Break Abs

Spring break is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to escape the cold and make our way to the beach! This week, we’re trying the “Lower Abs Trifecta” from LeanItUp. Forewarning, this is an intense workout, and LeanItUp has advised not trying this workout if you have lower back problems, as this may irritate and/or increase the severity of existing issues.

NOTE: I am in NO WAY a fitness professional. Please do not take my comments to be professionally backed, nor do I know what is best for every body. I am simply sharing my personal experiences with these workouts. If you are unsure if you should be doing a particular workout, please consult your doctor first. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS WORKOUT IF YOU HAVE LOWER BACK PROBLEMS.

76-1How to do the Lower Abs Trifecta

Positives: This particular workout isn’t necessarily an exercise, but rather a series of three back-to-back exercises without rest in-between. These three are the Ab Pulse Ups, Reverse Crunches (seen above), and the Ab V Holds. When my friend and I originally found this workout, we definitely could not have anticipated how intense it was. I loved being able to really feel my workout, and feel how each individual exercise was making my abs work a little harder.

Negatives: I like my rest. With the intensity of this sequence, I would’ve really liked a break in-between (ok, fine, I took one anyway). The idea is to hyper stimulate your abs to work harder, which isn’t as effective with a rest in between series. I found it necessary, as these workouts really really burn, and I couldn’t just switch from one to another easily.

Reaction: I hate the V-Holds. Absolutely hate them. Other than that, I felt like I’d really pushed my body to a new level, which made me feel accomplished.

Overall: I’d give this a 8/10. This workout is great, pushing your abs past their normal comfort zone and into a new, deeper workout zone. However, you’ll definitely want to do it with an otherwise mild workout, or you’ll feel a bit unable to get up off your mat afterwards (trust me, I’ve been there).


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