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Workout Wednesday: Beach Booty Workout

February 26, 2014

It’s week two of our Workout Wednesday series, and we’re heading south to work on our bikini booty! This workout will require use of an elliptical, and is great for those of you who love heading to the gym after (or even before – don’t know how you do it!) class or work. I’ve done this workout multiple times but I need to forewarn: don’t try this more than twice a week!

NOTE: I am in NO WAY a fitness professional. Please do not take my comments to be professionally backed, nor do I know what is best for every body. I am simply sharing my personal experiences with these workouts. If you are unsure if you should be doing a particular workout, please consult your doctor first.

Beach Booty

Time to tone that booty, thanks to SuperSkinnyMe. My favorite thing about this workout is not only the level of intensity that I found, but that it is an awesome way to bring some extra cardio into your gym workout! Typically, we’re either toning or cardio-ing, but this gives us the opportunity to do both at once, making our workout a little tougher, but also a little shorter. If you love this workout, they’ve got several other high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts on the site, though as a self-proclaimed elliptical lover, this one works best for me.



Positives: You. Feel. The. Burn. There is no way to not feel this workout, which I loved and hated at the same time. I felt it a lot in my abs, which I had not been expecting, and definitely could feel the burn in my backside. I’ve always disliked workouts where it doesn’t feel like I’ve done anything, and this is NOT one of those workouts.

Negatives: I tend to lose track of time, and have a hard time determining what I should consider slow-fast-medium speeds. Typically, I choose the fastest I feel safest running and make that my fast, then go from there to figure out my slow and medium speeds. Overall, I make a walk slow, jog medium, and full run fast, but it all depends on your fitness level.

Reaction: Two days later, I’m still a little uncomfortable, which I suppose all lends to the fact that I’m typically a run-and-done girl at the gym, rather than one to do interval training.

Overall: I’d give this a 8/10. It’s a great workout, but definitely not an every day one. I would recommend doing this one, maximum two times a week.


Tried this workout? Have another one you’d like us to try? Let us know!

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