Just Find Me Something That Fits

February 11, 2014
Searching for the right fit in a swimsuit can become the worlds biggest hassle. I always expect that I’ll be able to just pop into a store, and grab what style I like, try it on, and that will be that. However, it always seems like I find the perfect bottom, but then can’t find a properly fitting top to match, or vice versa. I’ve spent hours in a shop, finally picking out a swimsuit I love, only to realize that it had a completely incorrect fit for my body shape and size. Nine times out of ten, I’d end up buying a swimsuit that I didn’t particularly like, just because it fit me halfway decently. Honestly, it’s a giant waste of money, and I never end up with a suit that truly fits my needs, and come out of the store feeling completely deflated.


Luckily, Coco Rave (and our sister brand, Coco Reef!) has a solution to this issue. Bra-Sized swimwear offers a perfect fit, every time – even with one-piece suits (which many of you will know, is no easy feat). It gives you the option of finding a swimsuit that fits your top perfectly, making it last longer, rather than a suit you wear one time and then can never wear again. It conforms to your body shape, and helps you look and feel your best in and out of the water.


I’ve had a lot of bathing suit struggles over the years, even as a kid. I’ve got a long torso, so many of the one-pieces I’d have to buy were too snug, or if I went the next size up too big. I’ve got a little bit of a curve, so matched swimsuit sets was never an option, since then I’d have to buy two sets – one for the proper fitting top, another for the bottom – and ending up with two extra pieces. No bathing suit has ever given me a custom feel before, and that’s exactly what our Perfection Fit suits offer. It feels like it’s been tailored specifically to your body, without the hefty price tag of actually having it custom-fitted.


We all want to look and feel our best on a daily basis – why should it be any different when it comes to swimwear?


Perfection Fit

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