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Halloween Hacks: How to Use Swimwear to Create an Unforgettable Costume!

Have you thought about who you want to be for Halloween?

The best Halloween costumes are creative and fun. They can also make you feel beautiful and sexy. For a costume that has all of these qualities, why not consider using well-fitted, gorgeous swimwear? Bra-sized swimwear that’s tailored to your body can become the foundation for an unforgettable costume. We’ve come up with a few examples to make this Halloween one to remember!
Sports and Dance
Swimwear works well for a variety of costumes involving dance and athletic activities. Dress up as a belly dancer with flare pants and a lacy bikini top. Accessorize by adding scarves or veils, finger cymbals, an anklet, and an arm cuff. Another option is a flirty roller skater costume; throw on some retro skates and cruise along in a cute skirt paired with a tankini or bikini top. Pair our beautifully designed rash guard with board shorts, sport some sunnies, and carry a surfboard and embody a cute surfer girl for the night! 

Mythical Figures

Transform into a mermaid or a sea nymph! A ruffled skirt and a bra-sized swimsuit top can serve as the foundation for the costume. Add seashell jewelry, throw a starfish in your hair, apply turquoise and glitter makeup, and you’re a vision of mermaid perfection.

Mermaid Bathing Suit Costume Idea

Blast from the Past

Why not dip into the past for inspiration? Our Glamorous Pin-up Girl might model a gorgeous one-piece suit designed with polka dots. Pick out eye-popping heels, choose a vintage hairstyle, and combine the swimsuit with a high-waisted pair of shorts or skirt. Be sure not to limit yourself to one-piece swimsuits; our tankinis or bikini sets can also work for these iconic looks!

Retro Pinup Swimsuit Costume Idea




Our Love Lace Edge mini dress can be used multiple ways. You can throw it on over your bathing suit for a day at the pool or you can use it as the base to your Haute Hippie Halloween costume. Complete your look with tinted sunglasses, a flower crown, and a vintage belt.


Boho Hippie Swimwear Costume Idea


All Black Everything

Use our black swimdress as a base for your seductive kitty cat costume. Follow this amazing makeup tutorial for a sexy cat look! Add a glittering cat ear headband, a long tail, and black gloves to complete the look! For a look that’s far from basic, use the same foundation but shake up your makeup. This tutorial can help turn you into an alluring leopard.

Black Cat Swimwear Costume Idea

Our black suits are so versatile, with the right accessories you can turn into a sultry superhero, an evil Maleficent, or a spooky vampire for the evening!

Pair our Groovy Bandeau Swimdress  with a pointy witch hat, a handmade broomstick, and a villainous laugh for our Wicked Witch of the Rave costume.

Witch Swimwear Halloween Costume Idea


Be sure to explore the swimwear collections at Coco Rave. You’ll find a variety of bra-sized swimwear that can enhance your beauty and reflect your personal style. Not only will you look beautiful on the beach, but you could create an inventive and unique Halloween look!


DIY Beach Cuffs

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Boho Cuffs_BannerSpare jewelry laying around? Broken chains, necklaces or bracelets? Make yourself some beach cuffs to add some boho fashion.

Pic layout

I used felt as a base. I measured around my ankle and cut a rectangle to size. Then in the middle, cut out a small semi circle so that the cuff doesn’t buckle or dig into your skin. I used an old belt full of beads and seashells, found an old pearl necklace and ribbon. I added layers of ribbon and the beads on string. Either sew it on or apply hot glue to secure it to the cuff. Punch a few holes to lace up the back and thread through like laces.

Pic layout2


Decorate any which way you like, Maybe you feel more crafty to make bracelet cuffs? Have fun and share what you made! #cocorave

Boho Cuffs_8


DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

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sea salt beach hair

Dipping your locks in the sea gives hair lots of volume and soft beach waves. But lets be honest, I’d like to get that beach hair without going into the sea every time. Sea salt hair spray is super easy with only a few ingredients. Save some money and get crafty! Beach hair, or as I like to refer to as ‘mermaid’ hair, is my favorite summer hairstyle. Mix this up in a clear spray bottle, give a good shake and you are good to go.

beach hair


1 tbs Hair Gel (add more if you want more control with frizzy-friends)

1 tbs Coconut Oil* (extra virgin/unprocessed) – this will keep the hair conditioned from the drying effects of salt

2 tbs Sea Salt (I like to grind mine to help dissolve faster)

1 to 1-1/2 cups Hot Water

Clear Spray Bottle (try the beauty section at the local pharmacy store)

Thats it! Put it all together in the bottle and shake it up! I wrapped some seashell jewelry around the top so I know it’s beach related.


I prefer to flip my head upside down and spray to dampen my hair. Then scrunch it up, massage my scalp to create some lift and stand up straight and use my fingers to twirl a few curls to create more controlled waves.


*If you don’t have coconut oil, you can substitute with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Argan oil (which I hear is fantastic for your hair), Grapeseed oil, Shea Butter, or even Jojoba oil.

Have fun, hashtag #cocorave so I can follow your post with beach hair or comment any other recipes that worked well for you too!

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

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mermaid parade, coney island

For years, I’d seen pictures of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade and told myself I had to attend. It didn’t happen until this year, though, for the 33rd annual gathering on Saturday, June 20. Most people probably don’t judge their first time, but I was lucky enough to experience the full excitement.

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

The Mermaid Parade traditionally marks the beginning of summer, but this year’s landed on a drizzly, gray day. It didn’t affect the buzz of attendees and participants, though, who all showed up in their finest and brightest. All judges sit in bleachers and take notes as every group of mermaids, pirates, and Neptunes passes, listening to commentary from the hosts. A head judge in robe and wig asks participants questions, and a designated “bailiff” keeps the peace, moving photographers out of the way and ushering the groups along the route.

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

It’s a beautiful spectacle, true to Coney Island’s bawdy, burlesque aesthetic, and a celebration of diverse bodies. I hadn’t realized how fitting it is to have a parade of mermaids welcome us all back to the boardwalk after spending the cooler months inside, but it is a perfect way to march back to the beach.

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

After the parade and judging were through, the throngs of people who had lined Surf Avenue moved to the boardwalk to pack Coney Island stalwarts Ruby’s and Nathan’s for beer and food, ride the Cyclone, and in general break out of their shells, guided by glittery women, giant octopus puppets, and their newly crowned Queen Mermaid and King Neptune.


Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Contributing writer & photographer: Alicia Kennedy


Festivals & Playlists

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Festival, Coco Rave

It’s here! Festival season is kickin’ into high gear all across the states, from coast to coast. Coco Rave now has a spotify where you can listen to selected festivals, from major headliners to new upcoming artists. I’ve put together playlists for some of the top festivals of 2015. Get a feel of what the festivals have to offer by just pushing play. Keep checking back to the Rave blog as I update the lists as the festivals get closer. Press play and enjoy!

First up to kick off June – Governor’s Ball, NYC  June 5-7

And we got a mix for those in Houston, Texas for Free Press Summer Fest 2015 (FPSF)  June 6-7


One fantastic voyage of an experience to end the month of June – Are you going to E-Forest? Rothbury, Michigan – June 25-28th


Gathering of the Vibes 2015 is one festival you don’t want to miss! Bridgeport, Connecticut – July 30-Aug 2


CocoMoments Banner

Collect beautiful moments.

Life is about memories and sharing experiences with family, friends, loved ones and even strangers. Together, let’s collect passing moments that leave lasting impressions. With today’s technology, we have the ability to document our everyday adventures and all the special treasures we find in the fleeting moments. So with your cell phone at hand, recording a spontaneous funny moment or capturing a feeling that you wish to hold on to is easier than ever. There’s no better time than right now to show what matters most to you.

The Rave girl embodies a confident, fun-loving and free-spirited individual. One who’s willing to swim with the sharks and play with the dolphins because she wants the best of both worlds. The beauty in simplicity and the allure of being daring is what drives her fashion sense. The combination makes our Rave girl look and feel like a trendsetter while maintaining her individuality. People consider her sweet but tough, cool but caring and always true to herself. Whether lounging poolside, on remote sandy shores or at festivals/shows she’s always surrounded by friends, art and music. Life is about finding excitement in everyday moments to make lasting memories.



Stay connected and share yours on instagram & twitter. Follow Coco Rave’s Pinterest and be inspired.

#CocoMoments with @CocoRaveSwim


Bikini, Strings and Macrame

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String Bikini Macrame


Simple, sexy and perfect for anyone, string bikinis are a must-have for summer. With the new addition of strings to Coco Rave collections, there’s no better time than now to show how to have fun with them. Remember friendship bracelets? Well, Macrame is the same concept. Here we will show you a box knot. There are so many other kinds of knots and designs you can make. A search on Pinterest will give you many ideas.

You can follow the video.

If you get stuck, here is the breakdown:

You can reuse old bikini strings or any strip of fabric/ribbon you like. Do it with a friend, or if you want to do it at home by yourself and play around, I suggest you measure it on yourself first and double the knot to ensure the top is the right length and the slip it off your neck. From here, you can place it on a flat workable surface to keep the strings from getting tangled.

Taking the extra string, loop around the neck and make sure the strands are equal length. Divide the extra string to the right & left outside, leaving the 2 strings of the actual bikini in the middle. Start with a simple knot around one of the strings to start the box knot. Depending which side you knot to, you are going to loop the extra string across the top of all the strings.. *HINT: Look for the top knot to decide which side you loop. Take that strand and bring it across the top of all the strings and bring the outermost strand on top to finish a figure 4. Reach through the loop of the 4, under the middle strands for the opposite side. Bring the strand through and pull the outermost strands gently, adjusting the middle strands when needed, to bring into a clean box knot.

Now notice that the knot on top will have switched sides. Loop the opposite side a figure 4 (when the knot is on the left side, it’s the number 4/when the knot is on the right side, it’s a backwards 4.) Bring the opposite outermost strand on top. Reach through the hole and bring that strand underneath the middle strings and through the figure 4.

If you continue to only make the figure 4 to one side, the box knots will start to twist, like the Chinese Staircase knot (another option for macrame!). So remember to alternate the sides. Braid all the way down and a simple knot will tie it off. Then tie the middle strings to the bottom strings. Adjust and expand the box knot to give more open space, or cinch the string and get a nice tight weave.

Here is a picture so you can see how the strings are arranged. The middle green strings are the actual bikini top. The pink & teal strings represent the extra strings (right side & left) that you do all the work with.

How to start the Box Knot Macrame

How to start the Box Knot Macrame


Rave String Bikinis are only $15 a piece, which means you can mix & match to flaunt your own fashion sense.


String Bikinis


Coco Rave Mix & Match

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This swim season is all about being in control of your fashion. By mixing and matching our chic separates, you can take charge of your style and never wear the same look twice. Not only are you able to customize your fit with separate sizes for tops and bottoms, you can also match each piece to your body type.

Pair the ruffle top with the high-waist bottom for a look that flatters shorter legs and smaller busts. Our underwire top with a hipster bottom is great for those with athletic legs and cleavage to boot. A tankini top and tie bottom provide increased coverage for a modest beach adventure.

In addition to mixing silhouettes, color matching is a great way to keep things fresh and fashionable. Prints on solids, stripes on dots, even working in a little lace might be just the touch you need. Our collections are designed for cross-functionality, giving you endless options.

And don’t be afraid to go out of the box. Crop tops pair well with a low-rise pant. Underwire bralettes are the perfect topper to high-waist jean shorts. And any of our cover-ups can instantly turn a chic swim style into an everyday fashion.

Be free this season… match on!


Polar Bear 2015 #BrrrRave

I think I lost my toes at sea.

I have been going to Polar Bear Plunge in Long Beach, NY for the past 4 years. This location hosts one of the largest gatherings in the U.S. every year on Super Bowl Sunday.  Of all the years to go, this was the coldest… of course this was also my first year going into the water.  The temperature was below freezing (around 28˚ F), and the wind did not help.  There was still snow on the beach from snowstorm Juno with advisory that another wintry mix was upon our region later that night after the Super Bowl.  But I was committed to take the plunge this year!

Bundled up with endless layers, I was anxiously waiting to meet up with my girlfriends.  Once we were all together, we went over to the Polar Bear booth and purchased our sweatshirts. The proceeds are donated to Make-A-Wish foundation, so we were more than happy to donate to the cause and wear warm hoodies after the dip. We received our Coco Rave Swimsuits in the mail just in time for the event. Talk about fast shipping!  I received the package in less than 2 days. I had 3 other friends join me this year.  We each had the opportunity to pick the swimsuits, mixing what was available of the collections.

Here were our picks:

Polarbear Swimsuits

The energy was building as more and more people made their way to the shoreline. Everyone was excitedly chatting in groups, covered from head to toe in full-out winter gear. If we weren’t at the beach, it would have looked like a giant party at a ski resort the way everyone was dressed. Then I saw groups of guys walking around shirtless and painted up,  a man in a banana suit, and a lot of crazy hats you’d see at festivals. There were emergency responders everywhere for safety precautions.

We stood around in a huddled mass as we planned our approach. I really had no idea what to expect. It was easy to watch others run into the water, laughing at them and at the absurdity of it all.. The towels were strategically placed, and the clothes were folded just the right way. All the while, we were taunting each other about how far to go in. Honestly, I wanted to back out. Then the bright idea hit us… WEAR SOCKS! It looked silly, but let me tell you it worked.

The big rush wasn’t until 1:30pm.  At this point, it was only 15 minutes away.  I looked around and at least half of the crowd was ready, down to the swimsuits, lining up in their group of friends & family. Giant speakers were playing music. A man on the microphone rallied us up, and the sound of his horn added to the atmosphere. The excitement had completely washed over me and I was more pumped about getting this done and over with than the possible frostbite I felt in my fingertips. This has to be worth it, I thought to myself.. The horn blew.

 Here we go!!!

DSC_0614 #BrrrRave


I just ran and didn’t look back. Hoping the momentum would carry me all the way. A few steps in and I hopped over the first wave. A few more steps and I felt like I was trudging through mud. I couldn’t feel my feet, but surprisingly I was still warm. My friend was just 2 feet to my left, and she dipped all the way down to her shoulder. Oh boy. I crouched at the next wave and felt the ice-cold sea splash over my shoulders. I could taste the salty water and instantly brought back memories of summertime. That was enough. Quickly I stood up and rushed back to land. The adrenaline had kicked in and I could hardly feel the cold. I was giggling the entire way back thinking my toes must’ve fallen off.




We reconvened back at the blanket to dry off and warm up. At this point, I took off the wet socks and checked for my toes. Good – I still have all 10, I thought. I couldn’t feel them, but I was feeling better that I still had all my toes. So what was so great about the socks? It cuts the stinging cold water as you enter so you don’t feel the shock so much. I can’t deny its brutality, but what’s life without a little danger?  Bring an extra pair of warm fuzzy socks to wear and you’ll be just fine. While you thaw out, a thermos of hot tea is a good idea too!


DSC_0626 DSC_0625 DSC_0627

After getting dressed, I began to feel human again. The adrenaline dissipated, and a general fatigue and hunger took over. Perfect, just enough time to go home, eat some pre-game appetizers and then watch the puppy bowl while I surf Instagram to see who else did it, too.

All in all, YES it was cold BUT a lot of fun. When you have your girlfriends there and cute swimsuits to wear, that makes all the difference. I will definitely be doing it again next year. Will you be joining? Not only do you support a local charity, but also it is an experience worth the adrenaline rush! #BrrrRave the cold, because spring break is almost here and these swimsuits will look better in the sun compared to snow!



Top Spring Break 2015 Destinations

Winter can be boring, cold… even depressing sometimes.

I’ve decided to keep the spirit of summer alive with thoughts of…

Spring Break!

Have you started planning yet? Some might say it’s early, but thoughts of sunshine, palm trees and beaches are keeping me warm. So I’ve compiled a list of places you should really check out. A simple web search will provide places to stay, the local hot spots, and ways to connect with fellow spring breakers traveling from all over the States. Whether you need some motivation to get back into shape or need something to be excited about during the not-so-beach-worthy weather (unless you live where it’s warm all year… lucky!) – start planning now:


CocoRave Cancun Spring Break

#1 – Cancun, Mexico – The mecca of spring break getaways! With parties all day long, beautiful sandy beaches, clear warm waters, everything from the best hotspots, pool and beach parties, concerts and more, this hotspot is the definition of spring break. They even have their own EDM Festival, Inception Fest, with big headliners all throughout March. Now that’s everything in one!

My favorites for this adventure: Edgy & wild – Trendsetters

Blog Spring Break SwimSuits




CocoRave KeyWest Spring Break

#2 – Key West, Florida – I had an awesome time 2 years ago visiting this PARADISE! There’s so much to do- live music everywhere, day parties that just get crazier at night, some really cool places to chill and experience. When you’re not partying, go rent some jet skis for an adventure, snorkel beautiful coral reefs – they even have those water jetpacks where you can fly in the air! Key West is a classic Rave Getaway.

My favorites for this adventure: Paradise hues and playful designs – Flirty girls

Blog Spring Break SwimSuits2



CocoRave Nassau Bahamas

#3 – Nassau, Bahamas – This island is the newest spring break hotspot! So act fast and reserve your place in paradise. It’s an exclusive experience like no other destination, residing at Island Habour Resort. With music concerts, parties all day long, secluded beaches, pools, and full amenities of a resort with the exotic vibe! What’s not to love! You’re on an island, in the Bahamas… that is a sweet Rave Getaway.

My favorites for this adventure: Lace and elegant fashion – Boho-Chic babes


Blog Spring Break SwimSuits4


BLOG_Spring Break Banners2

#4 – South Padre Island, Texas – For a more affordable option, check out this domestic destination. There are awesome beach hangouts, wild day parties, and rocking’ concerts. So pack your bags and escape to this regional favorite!

My favorites for this adventure: Sweet, Sassy and Retro – Trendy lady


Blog Spring Break SwimSuits3


That concludes the list. Some places are in the States and some more adventurous. We are young, wild & free! So live it up and travel to where your heart desires. Pick your favorite new Coco Rave swimsuit and choose a destination. I would love to know which swimsuit you got and where you plan to go. Use hashtag #RaveGetaway so I can follow!