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Coco Rave Babe: Samantha Bowers

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Introducing our Coco Rave Babe, Samantha Bowers, the 21-year-old Missouri based fitness enthusiast/model. This Coco Rave Babe is also a healthy lifestyle blogger, certified personal trainer, former Miss Missouri Teen USA, self-proclaimed social media addict and frozen yogurt enthusiast. Her Instagram feed @samanthabowers_ makes us drool with her healthy recipes and serves up extreme #fitspo. Get to know Coco Rave Babe, Samantha, and read our exclusive interview below.

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Coco Rave Bikini

Name: Samantha Bowers

Location: University of Missouri

Where are you from? Kansas City, Missouri

Describe yourself in 3 words: Outgoing, Driven, and Competitive

What are your beach essentials? 

I always have a healthy snack on hand no matter where I go, so the beach is no exception! Fresh tropical fruit, protein bars, and natural almonds are some of my favorites. I also love photography, so I always take my camera with me anytime I go somewhere I might be able to snap a photo of the scenery.

Coco Rave Bikini

Favorite Coco Rave swimsuit?

This is a hard question! But, if I have to pick just ONE, I must say my favorite style is the “Amy Halter Push Up Underwire.” I love the support it gives and the cute cut out in the front.

What’s your dream destination to wear your Coco Rave swimsuit?

I have a serious case of wanderlust, and traveling all over the world is definitely on my bucket list. It has always been a dream of mine to visit the beautiful Maldives, and of course my Coco Rave Swimsuit would be along for the trip!

How would you describe your personal style?

I would definitely say my style could be described as “fashionably fit!” I practically live in activewear, so I love all of the trendy athleisure styles that are super in right now. If I could wear a bright colored sports bra and athletic leggings everywhere, I would.

If you were stranded on a desert island what three things would you bring with you?

Without a doubt: my camera, my laptop, and my favorite Coco Rave swimsuit! I mean, if I am stranded on a desert island I might as well blog about it, right? 😉

Coco Rave Bikini

What made you want to start competing in pageants?

I actually grew up playing sports for most of my life, so it was a bit of a different experience for me to compete in my first pageant. When I was 15 years old, I started getting into the modeling industry and that’s how I was initially introduced to the world of pageantry. Once you compete in your first one, you catch the “pageant bug” and fall in love with them. I have learned so much about myself as a person and developed skills that I now use every day as I work towards my future career, and I attribute it to my experiences with pageantry. Pageants provide such an incredible platform for young women to advocate for a cause they are passionate about, make lifelong friends, and grow as a person.

What is one stereotype of pageant girls that you wish didn’t exist?

I think a lot of times people have a preconceived notion that girls in pageants are competing against each other and can’t be friends. When in reality, it is the complete opposite. If there is one thing I have learned throughout my years in pageantry it is that your only competition is YOURSELF. We are all striving to show the judges the best versions of ourselves when we set foot on stage. No matter how hard I try, I will never be anyone but me. It truly is amazing to surround yourself with other driven, strong women pursuing the same goal as you. You really get to bond and form friendships that last a lifetime. I met Coco Rave Babe Aly Klinzing nearly 4 years ago through pageantry, and we are still great friends to this day!

Samantha Bowers4

As a lifestyle and fitness blogger, what are your favorite ways to break a sweat? 

I have always loved lifting weights, but lately I have been super into hot yoga. It will DEFINITELY make you break a sweat! I am practically drenched by the time the 80 minute class is over. I find it so relaxing and flexibility is something that I am working on, so hot yoga is definitely my favorite right now.

What’s your normal workout routine like?

I usually lift weights 4 times a week, do some form of long distance cardio 3-4 times a week, and do 2 high intensity interval training sessions (HIIT) a week. Sometimes I will throw in a couple of sessions of hot yoga or some kickboxing. I am a really big morning person, so I love waking up early and getting in a lifting session before my day starts.

What three songs are always on your workout playlist?

I am all about empowering music while I work out! I always love Fighter by Christina Aguilera, Confident by Demi Lovato, and a little throwback… Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.


Want to keep up with Samantha!?

Instagram: @samanthabowers_

One Piece Wonders

One Piece Wonders

Rival the heat in one pieces that scorch! Be it a sexy monokini or high neck one piece – we’ve got you covered this season.

A lot of the time, one pieces come with the “conservative mom” stigma, but that’s quickly changing. One piece swimsuits are the new must-have silhouette this season. They’ve taken a sexy turn for the best with defining details like perfectly placed cut outs and deep plunging necklines. Being sexy during the summer doesn’t have to mean sporting a teeny, tiny bikini. Our one pieces are a triple threat – comfortable, fit-focused and cute! We’re in the heart of summertime, so we’ve collected our best one pieces of the season for you to dive into.

One Piece Swimsuits that Scorch
The Duff – This ‘Duff’ is definitely a must! This one piece keeps you extremely covered and supported for all your beach adventures, but the perfect fit hugs your body in all the right places showing off your figure.

Duff High Neck One Piece
The Magen – This high neck monokini is the perfect look for someone trying to cover up a little more in the front, but still wants to show some skin. You get the effect of wearing a two piece from the chic cut outs and the separation of bright pattern and solid color on the front, but have all the comfort that comes with a one piece.

Magen Monokini - Coco Rave Swim
The Piper – A halter neck allows you to show off just the right amount of skin while still maintaining the classic one piece look. The underwire adds much needed support and the crochet detailing at the top brings a flirty look to a solid one piece swimsuit.

Piper One Piece - Coco rave Swim
The Kendall – With a focus on flattery, this one piece hits all the right places. This sweet yet sassy swimsuit is designed with ruching throughout the bodice to create a more modest look but the plunging neck keeps it sexy and fresh.

It doesn’t just stop there, go to our website for more sleek one pieces that you will want to rock all season long!

Your Summer Swimsuit Style Guide

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Printed Bra Sized Swimsuit Tops

High Neck Swimsuits

A high neck swimsuit top is one of the most popular styles right now and for good reason. Some say beauty is pain, but that doesn’t have to be the case when it comes to swimsuits. We care about swim protection just as much as we do style, which is why a high neck bikini top is the perfect solution. It covers the chest, one of the most sun-sensitive areas on your body, without taking away from the desired bikini look. Our Blaze crop top screams business in the front, party in the back! This style may cover the entire chest, but we make up for it with our intricate lace up detailing in the back. Our Rhea wrap bikini top offers a subtle peek of skin, but still stands the test of the sun.

High Neck Bra Sized Swimsuit Tops

The Bolder, The Better

No matter the style, a bold print will always catch the attention of those around you. From trendy tribal swimsuit prints to bikinis with stripes and everything in between, we have something for every style. Our use of different colors and designs allows us to create perfect swimsuit patterns. Our newest collection from The Bikini Edit features three bold patterns, but collectively, the style you’ve grown to love shines through. Desert Queen, Musical Stripe and Playa It Cool all carry very unique patterns that every woman is going to want to wear this summer.

Tribal Print Bra Sized Bikini Swimsuit

Details, Details, Details

A simple bikini can become something amazing with attention to detail. It could be something dramatic like a high waisted bikini bottom with lace-up sides, or something as simple as just a peek-a-boo detail. Either way, it sets you apart from the crowd. Our eye for detail can be seen in all of our swimsuits. Like our wrap around top, which turns a classic underwire bathing suit top into something fun and different. Other eye-catching details include, flirty fringe, tassel trims, scallop edge bikinis, wrap bikini tops, sexy push-up bikini tops and one piece swimsuits with flair. 

Bra sized Swimsuit



New Arrivals Have Landed!

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The 2017 collection features whimsical and feminine swimwear options inspired by the free spirits, bohemian beauties, festival goers, the wild hearts, and curious wanderers. The mix-and-match collections include bra sized bikini tops, tankini tops, one piece swimsuits, an array of bikini bottoms and cover ups that feature modern twists on traditional Coco Rave silhouettes.

This collection is our nod to embracing the unique qualities of festival attendees, which are diverse by nature but unified as a whole. The color palette includes classic black and white along with vibrant pops of color inspired by music festivals. You can see the inspiration translated into the designs.

The details are feminine, fresh and fun with laced up backs, tassel ties, and macramé intricately laced into the designs. This collection expands on Coco Rave’s signature silhouettes and beautifully intricate accents.
We are so excited to share the new collection with you.

Halloween Hacks: How to Use Swimwear to Create an Unforgettable Costume!

Have you thought about who you want to be for Halloween?

The best Halloween costumes are creative and fun. They can also make you feel beautiful and sexy. For a costume that has all of these qualities, why not consider using well-fitted, gorgeous swimwear? Bra-sized swimwear that’s tailored to your body can become the foundation for an unforgettable costume. We’ve come up with a few examples to make this Halloween one to remember!
Sports and Dance
Swimwear works well for a variety of costumes involving dance and athletic activities. Dress up as a belly dancer with flare pants and a lacy bikini top. Accessorize by adding scarves or veils, finger cymbals, an anklet, and an arm cuff. Another option is a flirty roller skater costume; throw on some retro skates and cruise along in a cute skirt paired with a tankini or bikini top. Pair our beautifully designed rash guard with board shorts, sport some sunnies, and carry a surfboard and embody a cute surfer girl for the night! 

Mythical Figures

Transform into a mermaid or a sea nymph! A ruffled skirt and a bra-sized swimsuit top can serve as the foundation for the costume. Add seashell jewelry, throw a starfish in your hair, apply turquoise and glitter makeup, and you’re a vision of mermaid perfection.

Mermaid Bathing Suit Costume Idea

Blast from the Past

Why not dip into the past for inspiration? Our Glamorous Pin-up Girl might model a gorgeous one-piece suit designed with polka dots. Pick out eye-popping heels, choose a vintage hairstyle, and combine the swimsuit with a high-waisted pair of shorts or skirt. Be sure not to limit yourself to one-piece swimsuits; our tankinis or bikini sets can also work for these iconic looks!

Retro Pinup Swimsuit Costume Idea




Our Love Lace Edge mini dress can be used multiple ways. You can throw it on over your bathing suit for a day at the pool or you can use it as the base to your Haute Hippie Halloween costume. Complete your look with tinted sunglasses, a flower crown, and a vintage belt.


Boho Hippie Swimwear Costume Idea


All Black Everything

Use our black swimdress as a base for your seductive kitty cat costume. Follow this amazing makeup tutorial for a sexy cat look! Add a glittering cat ear headband, a long tail, and black gloves to complete the look! For a look that’s far from basic, use the same foundation but shake up your makeup. This tutorial can help turn you into an alluring leopard.

Black Cat Swimwear Costume Idea

Our black suits are so versatile, with the right accessories you can turn into a sultry superhero, an evil Maleficent, or a spooky vampire for the evening!

Pair our Groovy Bandeau Swimdress  with a pointy witch hat, a handmade broomstick, and a villainous laugh for our Wicked Witch of the Rave costume.

Witch Swimwear Halloween Costume Idea


Be sure to explore the swimwear collections at Coco Rave. You’ll find a variety of bra-sized swimwear that can enhance your beauty and reflect your personal style. Not only will you look beautiful on the beach, but you could create an inventive and unique Halloween look!


DIY Beach Cuffs

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Boho Cuffs_BannerSpare jewelry laying around? Broken chains, necklaces or bracelets? Make yourself some beach cuffs to add some boho fashion.

Pic layout

I used felt as a base. I measured around my ankle and cut a rectangle to size. Then in the middle, cut out a small semi circle so that the cuff doesn’t buckle or dig into your skin. I used an old belt full of beads and seashells, found an old pearl necklace and ribbon. I added layers of ribbon and the beads on string. Either sew it on or apply hot glue to secure it to the cuff. Punch a few holes to lace up the back and thread through like laces.

Pic layout2


Decorate any which way you like, Maybe you feel more crafty to make bracelet cuffs? Have fun and share what you made! #cocorave

Boho Cuffs_8


DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

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sea salt beach hair

Dipping your locks in the sea gives hair lots of volume and soft beach waves. But lets be honest, I’d like to get that beach hair without going into the sea every time. Sea salt hair spray is super easy with only a few ingredients. Save some money and get crafty! Beach hair, or as I like to refer to as ‘mermaid’ hair, is my favorite summer hairstyle. Mix this up in a clear spray bottle, give a good shake and you are good to go.

beach hair


1 tbs Hair Gel (add more if you want more control with frizzy-friends)

1 tbs Coconut Oil* (extra virgin/unprocessed) – this will keep the hair conditioned from the drying effects of salt

2 tbs Sea Salt (I like to grind mine to help dissolve faster)

1 to 1-1/2 cups Hot Water

Clear Spray Bottle (try the beauty section at the local pharmacy store)

Thats it! Put it all together in the bottle and shake it up! I wrapped some seashell jewelry around the top so I know it’s beach related.


I prefer to flip my head upside down and spray to dampen my hair. Then scrunch it up, massage my scalp to create some lift and stand up straight and use my fingers to twirl a few curls to create more controlled waves.


*If you don’t have coconut oil, you can substitute with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Argan oil (which I hear is fantastic for your hair), Grapeseed oil, Shea Butter, or even Jojoba oil.

Have fun, hashtag #cocorave so I can follow your post with beach hair or comment any other recipes that worked well for you too!

Coney Island Mermaid Parade

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mermaid parade, coney island

For years, I’d seen pictures of the Coney Island Mermaid Parade and told myself I had to attend. It didn’t happen until this year, though, for the 33rd annual gathering on Saturday, June 20. Most people probably don’t judge their first time, but I was lucky enough to experience the full excitement.

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

The Mermaid Parade traditionally marks the beginning of summer, but this year’s landed on a drizzly, gray day. It didn’t affect the buzz of attendees and participants, though, who all showed up in their finest and brightest. All judges sit in bleachers and take notes as every group of mermaids, pirates, and Neptunes passes, listening to commentary from the hosts. A head judge in robe and wig asks participants questions, and a designated “bailiff” keeps the peace, moving photographers out of the way and ushering the groups along the route.

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

It’s a beautiful spectacle, true to Coney Island’s bawdy, burlesque aesthetic, and a celebration of diverse bodies. I hadn’t realized how fitting it is to have a parade of mermaids welcome us all back to the boardwalk after spending the cooler months inside, but it is a perfect way to march back to the beach.

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

After the parade and judging were through, the throngs of people who had lined Surf Avenue moved to the boardwalk to pack Coney Island stalwarts Ruby’s and Nathan’s for beer and food, ride the Cyclone, and in general break out of their shells, guided by glittery women, giant octopus puppets, and their newly crowned Queen Mermaid and King Neptune.


Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Mermaid Parade

Contributing writer & photographer: Alicia Kennedy


Festivals & Playlists

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Festival, Coco Rave

It’s here! Festival season is kickin’ into high gear all across the states, from coast to coast. Coco Rave now has a spotify where you can listen to selected festivals, from major headliners to new upcoming artists. I’ve put together playlists for some of the top festivals of 2015. Get a feel of what the festivals have to offer by just pushing play. Keep checking back to the Rave blog as I update the lists as the festivals get closer. Press play and enjoy!

First up to kick off June – Governor’s Ball, NYC  June 5-7

And we got a mix for those in Houston, Texas for Free Press Summer Fest 2015 (FPSF)  June 6-7


One fantastic voyage of an experience to end the month of June – Are you going to E-Forest? Rothbury, Michigan – June 25-28th


Gathering of the Vibes 2015 is one festival you don’t want to miss! Bridgeport, Connecticut – July 30-Aug 2


CocoMoments Banner

Collect beautiful moments.

Life is about memories and sharing experiences with family, friends, loved ones and even strangers. Together, let’s collect passing moments that leave lasting impressions. With today’s technology, we have the ability to document our everyday adventures and all the special treasures we find in the fleeting moments. So with your cell phone at hand, recording a spontaneous funny moment or capturing a feeling that you wish to hold on to is easier than ever. There’s no better time than right now to show what matters most to you.

The Rave girl embodies a confident, fun-loving and free-spirited individual. One who’s willing to swim with the sharks and play with the dolphins because she wants the best of both worlds. The beauty in simplicity and the allure of being daring is what drives her fashion sense. The combination makes our Rave girl look and feel like a trendsetter while maintaining her individuality. People consider her sweet but tough, cool but caring and always true to herself. Whether lounging poolside, on remote sandy shores or at festivals/shows she’s always surrounded by friends, art and music. Life is about finding excitement in everyday moments to make lasting memories.



Stay connected and share yours on instagram & twitter. Follow Coco Rave’s Pinterest and be inspired.

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